Mob princess Brianna O’Reiley has just discovered she is pregnant. What should be a joyous occasion is actually a nightmare because she knows that the father is not the husband she recently lost in a mob ordered murder, but Alessandro Dardano, the son of mob boss Bernardo Dardano, her family’s greatest enemy.

Brianna and Alessandro shared one night of passion after taking shelter in a snow storm, neither knowing the other’s identity, that they were the children of families who have had a blood soaked vendetta between them for the past fifty years.

Alessandro Dardano, has returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to take his place as Bernardo’s successor. The passion he and Brianna generate between them make him question his loyalty to his father, but even more, the love he feels for her makes him want to do whatever he must to make Brianna his, despite her last name.

Brianna, who has vowed to make Bernardo pay for his part in her husband’s murder, is torn between the searing love she feels for Alessandro and her desire for vengeance.

Will this baby bring the two families together, or will he be the lit fuse in an explosion of violence that destroys both sides forever?

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The Gods give two wary lovers a nudge in the right direction. Luke and Megan are fighter pilots and soldiers fighting side by side to find a new home for their lost people. They have loved each other for years, but neither will admit it for fear of betraying the memory of their best friend, Megan’s dead fiancée. With a little help from the Gods above, will these brave warriors find the courage to engage in a battle for each other’s hearts?


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Release Date: February 18, 2013
Can these ex-lovers work together to save New York City’s children?

Caleb and Laura were teenage sweethearts, poised on the edge of a beautiful future, then without explanation, Laura walked out. Now both are cops and have been partnered up to bring down a notorious criminal who is exploiting New York City’s innocent children. Can they put aside old hurts to save the children, and will the flames of rekindled passion be enough to give their love a second chance?



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Innocent Delia lives with her Release Date: TBAmother, a seamstress in their small English village. While out running errands she comes upon a wounded knight whose virility awakens her sexuality. As she nurses Sir Nikolas back to health, he is more than happy to tutor her in the ways of passion.

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Brianna and Alessandro are in Ireland to uncover the truth about the love between their ancestors Francesca and Adriano, a love that is at the center of a vendetta that has raged between rival mob families the Dardano’s and O’Reiley’s for over fifty years.

When they return to New York , it is with the certainty that the only way to end the vendetta is to bring their two families together. Brianna and Alessandro marry, determined that their love will flourish despite the animosity that still reigns between their families.

But it quickly becomes evident that neither branch of the O’Reiley and Dardano family is willing to accept this attempt to end the vendetta. Brianna and Alessandro find their loyalties more divided than ever before as those they love conspire around them, leading to a shocking betrayal that could destroy their love forever.

And still, the violent specter of Arturo Dardano, the younger Dardano brother, determined to seize power away from his brother, remains.


Now available in print as well! Paperback

TheChateauCoverColin and Julie are newlyweds with a vibrant, passionate sex life, but there’s one thing Colin hasn’t shared with his new bride. The Chateau is a place where every sexual fantasy is catered to. Nothing is taboo. And Colin is about to take Julie there for the very first time.


TheRightOfTheKingARECoverThe king is dead, so young maiden Rose Bradshaw Falkirk, recently forced to endure a loveless union to secure her family’s fortune, hopes she will be spared the custom of being deflowered by the ruler of their land. Prince Declan returns from fighting abroad to reluctantly take his place on the his father’s throne with all its responsibilities and privileges. Once Rose meets the new king, she is stunned by his handsomeness and the sexual virility he exudes, awakening her own answering need. She wonders if the sacrifice of her purity to this ancient custom, will be any kind of sacrifice at all.

The Right Of The King

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(previously published as Redemption): On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she’d believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what’s his, and that includes the sweet bride he’d never been able to forget.



Brianna and Alessandro’s marriage is in ruins. After allowing their families to corrupt their love for each other with lies and heartbreaking betrayals, they are farther apart than ever. Yet the love between them refuses to relinquish its hold. When Arturo’s evil threatens their children, Brianna and Alessandro put a plan in motion and escape to Italy where they make their way back to each other. Just as they have reaffirmed their commitment to their love, a shocking discovery is made that will cause the O’Reileys and Dardanos to put aside their legacy of hatred and violence and come together to fight Arturo’s psychotic thirst for power in a final showdown that will change both families forever.


Now available in print as well! Paperback


Michael Grady has just closed one of the biggest investigations in Boston police history when he spots Rachel MacNeil in a crowd of reporters during a press conference. The hot punch of lust he feels is instant and all consuming. He is a Dom to his very core, but has only had unsatisfactory short vanilla interludes with women who weren’t willing to fulfill his needs. The more he learns about Rachel, the more he knows she is the submissive he has been searching for, but her tragic past is a red flag that common sense tells him should make him run in the opposite direction. Rachel MacNeil left the bdsm lifestyle after a shocking, painful betrayal ripped away the trust she had in her dom and left her a broken woman. She has finally put herself back together but, even as she tries to subdue it, the desire to give in to her submissive self has never left her and flares to life again when she meets Michael. Rachel knows that trust is at the core of a true submissive’s ability to flourish and please her dom. How can she go down that road and risk her heart again when it becomes clear with every touch, every kiss, that this man has the power to dominate not only her body and her heart, but her very soul?


Now available in print as well! Paperback

CaptureTheSkyCoverWeb Hannah Caledon has a secret. It’s a secret born from a tragic love affair in 1948 with Flight Lieutenant John Bennett. Their love bloomed amid the ashes of World War Two and struggled to survive Hannah’s loveless marriage to a mentally unstable, violent husband. In John’s arms, Hannah finds a peace and passion she thought was lost to her forever, but in one horrific act, their happiness is ripped away and their love must face the ultimate sacrifice to save the life Hannah carries within her.  Ebook Paperback

TheArrangementCoverWeb Elsa Mostek is a young Jewish woman who is forced to move with her family from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943. She immediately draws the attention of Nazi Officer Friedrich Weiss who inexplicably shows favor towards her and helps her escape harm many times thanks to the power he wields in the camp. Aware that many of her fellow female prisoners are bartering their bodies for survival and in
desperation to save her starving family, Elsa makes an offer to Friedrich.
What Elsa does not know is that Friedrich is a spy with the German Resistance that has infiltrated the Nazi regime. He must keep up the pretense of loyalty to Hitler’s cause as he sends secrets to those on the outside.
Friedrich doesn’t want to take advantage of Elsa but can’t help wanting her. As the misery of his position increases, she offers him the only light left in a world of darkness and despite his best intentions, Friedrich gives in to her offer. Passion explodes between them, giving them a reprieve from the monstrous world they inhabit, though both know it can never last. Ebook Paperback

TheAffairCoverWeb Elsa Mostek Friedman has built a good life for herself and her daughter, Catherine. A life of privilege and wealth. It’s a life that’s a far cry from her humble beginnings in a Polish village. It’s a life built on lies, because while she adores her husband, David, it’s another man who haunts her dreams. It’s another man her body yearns for: Catherine’s father, the German Resistance spy Friedrich Weiss, who infiltrated the Nazi regime. Their love was forged in the horrors of Auschwitz and when Friedrich helped Elsa escape, it was to build the very life she has now.

Now Friedrich has returned and Elsa is torn between her love for her husband and all the security he provides, and the love she has for Friedrich, who is still a hunted man. Elsa and Friedrich have no future, but passion explodes between them, hotter than ever. And for all their noble intentions, for all their fears of discovery, neither can stay away from the other.

Elsa walks a knife-edge line between both men as she also tries to protect the secrets she’s kept for over six years.

But there are others who know Elsa’s secrets and they too have returned to make sure the carefully constructed world she’s built explodes in a rain of violence and vengeance that will only be appeased when everything Elsa holds dear is destroyed. Ebook


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